To designers and architects

Filling the surrounding space with art objects is a modern world trend. Interiors with paintings, photos, sculptures and installations acquire unique features, emphasizing the exclusive nature of the design. The landscape design with garden sculptures transforms traditional landscaping into a space with meaning and its own philosophy.

The GS-Art Store offers a comprehensive approach to decorating residential and office interiors, restaurants and hotel complexes, shopping and entertainment centers with pieces of collectible art. We also offer designing of surrounding areas, supplementing the landscape design with garden sculptures by famous Ukrainian sculptors.

The selection of pieces of art for the interior requires a special approach. Together with the customer, we select works to his taste, as well as based on the style of the interior, taking into account even the height of the walls and lighting. It can be a painting and sculpture, a photograph, a piece of graphic or an installation. The GS-Art Store has extensive experience in designing both classical and modern interiors of residential and office spaces, hotels and restaurants, parks.

The advantage of cooperation with the GS-Art Store is the undisputed collector value of the works you choose. It is not only an aesthetic pleasure and decoration of the space, but also an investment in the future.

GS-Art Store offers mutually beneficial conditions of cooperation in the course of a long-term partnership with designers and architectural companies. You can apply for cooperation, and our specialist will contact you.

If you are a designer and already in the process of creating a new design project, we can help you with the selection of art objects. Leave your application for the selection of pieces of art, and we will contact you for cooperation.

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