About GS-Art Store

GS-Art Store is a Ukrainian online store of collectible classic and modern art. We cover a wide range of movements - from classic to contemporary art in all its forms: painting and graphics, author’s prints and photography, interior and garden sculpture.

It has become easier to buy works of recognized Ukrainian artists and sculptors now. Specify the author or movement of a piece of art, determine the budget and choose from the many options of rare and collectible pieces presented on the GS-Art Store website. If you need help to select a painting or sculpture, you can use the Art Advisor service, and our leading specialist will help you find the perfect option, taking into account all your requests.

The greatest advantage of buying at the GS-Art Store is the guarantee of official purchase of a piece of art and title documents to it. Each purchased piece of art is also accompanied by a certificate confirming the genuineness of the piece and its origin.

GS-Art Store actively cooperates with designers and architects on mutually favorable terms. Interiors with pieces of art and design are more than a trend. When paintings and sculptures are added to the design, a unique atmosphere is created, accents emerge, and the space becomes cozier and more personalized. The landscape and public space design with garden sculpture also deserves special attention. Sculptures, which are harmoniously merged into the general philosophy and style of the space, give it uniqueness and additional meaning. Find details on the terms of cooperation.

Regular curated collections from GS-Art Store specialists will bring you into the atmosphere of a real exhibition. Pieces of art selected by subject, movement or according to the preferences of GS-Art Store curators can be compared to a gallery exhibition.

GS-Art Store cooperates with artists, gallerists, art dealers and collectors. If you are the author or owner of a collectible piece of art and want to sell it with the GS-Art Store, please visit the “Services for sellers” section.

GS-Art Store was founded in 2022 by the Goldens auction house - the leading auction house in Ukraine dating back to 2004. It is the largest online store of collectible pieces of art in Ukraine, which is focused on the Ukrainian and international market. GS-Art Store offers a wide selection of paintings and graphics, sculptures, prints and photographs to suit every taste, style and budget. All of them are united by a collection component elaborated by our experts and specialists who choose the highest quality pieces from among many offers. Diving into the world of collectible Ukrainian art has become fast and convenient with GS-Art Store, now you can do it directly from your smartphone at any time.

Discover the exquisite world of Ukrainian collectible art together with GS-Art Store.

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